Kate and Katie go on the Rebound – Class Review of Rebounce London

Last Wednesday Katie and I went rebounding. No, I don’t mean we hit the dating scene of SW11 hard… rather, we were invited by Missie Frank (dancer, choreographer and founder of Rebounce London) to try a new quirky, sweaty, bouncy exercise class. Being the intrepid explorers that we are, we duly signed up and ventured to Fitness First at Clapham Junction (I say ventured, one of us lives in Battersea and one in Balham so it wasn’t like we had far to go).

Both of us had trampolined before, and there is still a trampoline in the back garden at our respective childhood homes (though, admittedly they are mostly now only used by visiting younger cousins or for sunbathing), but Rebounce is something quite different – it’s fast, choreographed and done to the beat of a pumping playlist!

Katie, as something of a Zumba fan was well placed to really go for it in the dance move stakes. I on the other hand, despite my long-suffering parents shelling out hundreds of pounds on dance lessons when I was a child, am not a dancer and found the moves a little more challenging. Trying to keep time, whilst also bouncing is tricky, but the awesome playlist (from No Doubt to Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars) and Missie’s encouraging words kept us motivated, and we hopped along trying to remember which foot went where all the while sweat rolling off our brows.

Rebounce London

Which leads me to just that. Sweat. By jingo. If you’re expecting a gentle, dance-based class, you are in for a rude awakening! Rebounding has numerous purported benefits – zero-impact, improves circulation, boosts lymphatic and immune system – and believe me, it is a proper workout. Missie really puts you through your paces! Before the choreography ever even starts, there is a core section – crunches galore, oh my, the crunches – followed by a ‘twerk-off’’. Yes, you read that correctly.

If you’re based in London and looking for something a bit different to mix up your weekly workout routine, this class is for you – it’s great fun, and a fantastic workout (with a fab instructor, which makes all the difference!). It really doesn’t matter if you’re not much of a dancer, trying to do the moves whilst keeping time is a great combination of bouncing and concentration, a workout for both the body and the brain! Give it a go!

Katie & Kate (L-R)

Katie & Kate (L-R)

Bonus Info:

*Updated* – Missie now has her own studio in Clapham Junction and can be found at https://www.offtherails.studio/ where she has a whole host of dance, dance-fitness and yoga classes to choose from.


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