2015 Goals

Katie: I’m going to try and make myself accountable somewhere other than in my notebook so let’s put this year’s sporting aims out for all to see.

#1 3:29:xx at the London marathon.

#2 sub 21 5k

#3 do a triathlon

#4 tackle a century on the bike

#5 do this all whilst HAVING FUN (and sleeping more, going to work, having a super touch rugby season, eating well,learning Portuguese properly, eating less more raw cookie dough, not forgetting to do my physio exercises, icing, rolling, yoga, stopping buying kilogram tubs of peanut butter and eating them in like two weeks, doing my squats, drinking more prosecco, getting promoted, buying a new bike, getting the hang of tri bars, getting back to polo, saving some money….)

Kate: Alrighty, a few generic, but very serious goals to aim for this year. Here goes…

#1 Improve my attacking game when playing Touch. Relying on being good in defence is a cop-out.

#2 Go on at least three surfing trips. In the UK, or otherwise.

#3 Run my first half marathon. Probably begrudgingly.

#4 Get back to something resembling the fitness I’d attained by my final year of university.

#5 Try at least one new type of sport in earnest: Korfball? Murderball (wheelchair rugby)? “Real” Tennis? Soapbox Derby? Suggestions welcome!