Variety is the spice of life – so try something different with somuchmore

I, like many 20-somethings apparently according to MULTIPLE Elite Daily articles, am a bit flakey, easily distracted and always looking for that bit more, therefore finding it hard to commit to what I’m doing tomorrow, let alone agreeing to something for months on end.

This is especially true when it comes to classes. Races and team sport, I’ve got down to a fine art. I know what I’m doing, when, where and for how long, and it’s highly structured because I get a bit type A with my training plans. Classes, meh, I dip in and out depending on how I’m feeling. With a class, I won’t let the team down, it won’t impact my training…(answer – because yoga and cross-training are good for me and actually will benefit my training, but let’s move swiftly on) There are SO many classes I could go to at the gym, but I rarely do – preferring to use it for weights and swimming – so if I’m not going to use what I’m already paying for there, why would I pay for single studio access on top of that?!

Enter somuchmore. They’re the new kid on the London multi-studio block, bringing tonnes of sought after classes to you in one single membership, meaning that you need as much commitment to individual studios as you do to the colour of your nail varnish or which pair of leggings you’re going to wear today…#win.

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Tackling the Madeloc with a little help…

Unfortunately, this has become a bit of a habit. My grandma has a house in the lovely Roussillon fishing village of Collioure, and sitting some 650m above sea level is a little thing called the ‘La Tour Madeloc’. It is basically a tower. On top of a big hill. Quite a steep hill. Here is it from a distance. You can just about spot it on the middle peak.


A few years ago I accidentally joked that I was going to run up to it. Previously, the thing we joked about was running to a windmill that wasn’t very high up a hill. However, I have this little problem that when I say I am going to do something, I feel like I have to do it. So I did. Took myself up with a Camelbak, having no idea how long it would take, met a few new friends at the top who asked if I wanted to head down and tackle the next hill along as they were doing three big climbs that day (NO are you crazy you mad French people, I’ve nearly died doing this one), smashed it back down and promptly lay on the front porch not moving for 30 minutes.

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