Who are These Girls?

“Two ordinary girls, getting real about sport, fitness, health and wellbeing. And food.”

L-R Katie-Kate

L-R Katie-Kate

We want to bridge the gap between the girls who don’t want to play sport, and the fitness-freak fanatics that fill our social media feeds. Where are all the real, sporty girls being represented?

With a focus on health, fitness and fun, we wanted to bring you our perspective. There are two sides to every story and we like to think that we can provide a blend between the two. We’re not here to be feminist necessarily, we’re not here to keep everyone happy… but we are here to get you thinking about what people are saying and doing (as well as what they aren’t!) when it comes to sport, health and its inevitable media and topical representation. So don’t expect your typical ‘Healthy Living Blog’!

Who are we? Katie. Kate. We answer to either, especially on the pitch or when introduced to new people.

How did we meet? Touch rugby. Kate taking a step back from 15s to ‘avoid coming into work on Monday morning with a shiner’ and Katie deciding to put her money where her mouth was and actually attempt to play the game rather than armchair referee.[Site note – she’s now played 7s. Once. And Kate is back playing contact again…]

Having both been heavily involved in sport from a young age, both of us managed to continue this throughout school, university and into the corporate world….without succumbing to the myriad of ‘women in sport’ issues that are at the fore of everyone’s mind.

Girls don’t enjoy sport and exercise? These Girls Do.

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