Q&A with Kate and Katie (Part 2)

Back for more are we? Really sold it to you with the Clare Balding love and egg hatred? In the second of our two-part, tell-all exposé, Katie reveals rather too much about her gross, old pants and Kate is thoroughly ‘smashing’…

  1. What would you always find in your fridge?

Katie : Greek yoghurt, chicken, bananas, avocados, feta cheese, squash (the drinking variety) and Waitrose banana honey and papaya granola. And at least 2 jars of peanut butter (yes, I know that these are not all fridge items, I have chosen to include ‘cupboards’ in this question)
Kate : Milk (due to the vast amounts of white Americanos I consume), cheese, eggs and ‘fresh’ soups (you know the ones that look dead fancy because there’re in a pot, rather than a tin…) are my staple quick and easy diet. Also raw beetroot, carrots and ginger for juices. 

  1. What book are you currently reading?
Katie : I am reading 3….an oldie but a goodie from Ned Boulting – “How I Won the Yellow Jumper”, which never fails to make me laugh out loud, so I would recommend it if you follow the Tour in any way, “l’Auberge” – about a British couple setting up in France (standard practice from me) and “Elizabeth is missing” – which I’ve only read 10 pages of but it was an Amazon best seller so thought it would be worth it.

Kate : I’m reading Stephen Fry’s ‘More Fool Me’, the third instalment of this autobiography – I’ve read them all. Interesting guy. And I’m also dipping into ‘Spike Milligan: Man of letters’ a collection of the great man’s correspondence – he’s one of my all-time heroes, it’s so unfair that one person can be blessed with such an aptitude for language and humour, whilst the rest of us languish in mediocrity…


  1. What is your Instagram feed filled with?
Katie : Way too many pictures of women doing squats, VS Angels and people cycling/running. And my friend’s dog who has his own profile.

Kate : Selfies. Hundreds upon hundreds of selfies.


  1. What is your go-to place for food?
Katie : I like to go for brunch. Typically it’s Ben’s Canteen or Café Tamra on Northcote Road – but if I’m back home with my parents, my favourite place is the Alford Arms (courgette fries are TO DIE FOR)

Kate : I am a huge fan of going for Dim Sum in Chinatown. The two restaurants I frequent are Lido and New Loon Fung on Gerrard Street. The food is out of this world and it is So. Damn. Cheap.


  1. Your most over-used or incorrectly used word?
Katie : I’m a big abuser of ‘literally’. There are also 500 x the amounts of ‘likes’ in my sentences as there should be and my current favourite adjective is super. Super busy, super amazing, super stressful….

Kate : Smashing. I’m trying to bring back retro slang. It’s probably really annoying to anyone who ever speaks to me. I think it’s wizard.


6. When and why did you last cry?

Katie : On Sunday, on a bench on Putney Embankment. My Achilles gave up during my long run and I had a little break down/PANIC that my marathon dreams are over. Luckily I was wearing sunglasses so no-one could tell (I hope!). Prior to this it was after the Watford half – I’m not really sure why I continue to do something that is making me cry…..?! Oh right, because sometimes it is with happiness!

Kate : I have no idea. It was probably whilst watching a crap movie or TV show though, I’m terrible for balling my eyes out over the mildest of sad scenes.


  1. What is your most played song on your iTunes?
Katie : Ai Eu Se Tu Pego by Michel Telo. It’s Brazilian…and er it’s very Europop. My sister would understand. (It’s also closely followed by #selfie and Shake It Off and I feel like I am very much being judged by every single one of you right now but they are REALLY good for running…and generally daily activity) However I am really bad at song skipping (easily bored) so this may not be entirely accurate.

Kate : I’m more of a Spotify girl myself, so I’m not actually too sure. The song I have basically on repeat at the moment is Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show – I’m not a massive Country Music fan, but something about that song has stolen a little bit of my brain and burrowed right on in there. It’s very catchy.


  1. Your most hated health fad?
Katie : I think Vibram Five Fingers look freaking weird and they will never not look weird. I also can’t bring myself to go near spirulina ever since a nutrition lecture at university where it was revealed it is basically pond scum.

Kate : Gluten free. If you don’t have a bona fide intolerance or coeliac disease, you can take your gluten free bread and shove it up your healthy colon.

  1. Most annoying habit that is vaguely related to health and wellbeing?
Katie : I can’t believe I am actually writing this, but I have certain underwear that I really like to wear when running, but they are vile (like some are held together just by the elastic on one side) – my mum and sister will be rolling their eyes reading this as they know exactly the horror. I also leave trainers, therabands, foam rollers, bike parts (and bikes) and hair clips EVERYWHERE and I wash my spikes in the bath. My housemate is a saint….

Kate : Moaning about my ‘crunchy’ shoulders but not doing anything about them. I have extremely tight shoulders as a result of playing contact sport and carrying heavy laptop bags around every day, to the point that they make a crunching noise when I move, but really don’t put any effort into seeking out a solution, whether it’s stretching / massage / physio, so I just whinge about it instead.


  1. It’s 9am on a Saturday. Where are you?
Katie: If I’m in London, generally running. Or at least half out of bed and getting dressed to go running (it’s the thought that counts) If I am feeling really motivated, Fulham Palace parkrun. If I’m at home visiting my parents…either up at the yard with the horses, Waitrose or out running in some mud (or frequently still in bed which is way comfier than my London one)

Katie : Still in bed. Without a shadow of a doubt. No shame.



So, there you have it. We’re a couple of (relatively) normal girls up to normal stuff – not health nuts, or obsessive fitness freaks, just cracking on with the things we enjoy including staying fit and active. And we occasionally consider nutrition. When we’re not chowing down on brunch or Dim Sum.

If you fancy sharing any hideously embarrassing answers to the above in the comments, this is actively encouraged.



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