Q&A with Kate and Katie (Part 2)

Back for more are we? Really sold it to you with the Clare Balding love and egg hatred? In the second of our two-part, tell-all exposé, Katie reveals rather too much about her gross, old pants and Kate is thoroughly ‘smashing’…

  1. What would you always find in your fridge?

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Q&A with Kate and Katie (Part 1)

So, we’ve given you a little taster so far into some of the things that go into our minds, lives and eating and training habits….so er well done if you are still here! In a first of an exciting two-part thriller, we want to give you even more of an insight into what makes us tick. So without further ado, let’s dive into a few more questions – everything from sports and eggs to gin and Clare Balding…

  1. What is your favourite sport to play that is not part of your usual routine?

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