10 everyday things that are a total struggle for #fitnesschicks

Right, so Kate covered some Sporty Girl problems a few weeks ago…but I feel there are a few more that we have missed that are genuinely a struggle in day to day life. Note – I wrote this post whilst doing exactly what is mentioned in my first point….

  • Walking up escalators, particularly on the tube. Basically, you think that because you are super-fit that you can just float up the escalators. NEVER TRUE! You will get halfway up, realise you ran 15 miles the day before but have to keep going because you cannot be that person who is so unfit they had to stop halfway up the escalator to move to the right because PEOPLE WILL JUDGE. I feel like I need a sign above my head or something saying “I’m not lazy, my legs are just really tired because I bossed it yesterday”

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Kate and Katie go on the Rebound – Class Review of Rebounce London

Last Wednesday Katie and I went rebounding. No, I don’t mean we hit the dating scene of SW11 hard… rather, we were invited by Missie Frank (dancer, choreographer and founder of Rebounce London) to try a new quirky, sweaty, bouncy exercise class. Being the intrepid explorers that we are, we duly signed up and ventured to Fitness First at Clapham Junction (I say ventured, one of us lives in Battersea and one in Balham so it wasn’t like we had far to go).

Both of us had trampolined before, and there is still a trampoline in the back garden at our respective childhood homes (though, admittedly they are mostly now only used by visiting younger cousins or for sunbathing), but Rebounce is something quite different – it’s fast, choreographed and done to the beat of a pumping playlist!

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10 Problems Sporty Girls Will Understand

Here’s a popular one from the archives for you peeps – still as true as ever! We’d love to hear your #sportygirlproblems in the comments below or on Twitter

1. Your bedroom is perpetually in need of hoovering.

Especially if you play anything that involves wearing studded or moulded boots… Why is it so damn hard to get rid of every last bit of mud / grass / dirt? Or worst of all, these little blighters:

artificial turf

Whoever thought 3G pitches were a good idea has CLEARLY never spent entire weeks, post-training session, picking rubber pellets out of crevasses they hadn’t realised they had.

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Fit Mammas: A day isn’t enough to celebrate our mothers!

Let’s face it – neither of us would be where we are now without the most important women in our lives – and we probably wouldn’t have the same attitudes towards health and wellbeing that we do without our mothers playing the laundry lady/taxi driver/#1 supporter/ role that they do!

So, on this rainy Mothering Sunday, when neither of us actually have the fortune to be with them, we’d like to celebrate the top women in our lives and what makes them so freakin’ awesome

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Confessions of an active handbag

I’m not currently cycling in because of my Achilles tendon being a bit of a PITA and I’ve got my eyes on the prize of a) skiing on Saturday and b) the marathon being 7 weeks away and I would still like to at least attempt it.

So I’m doing a lot of gym sessions and this morning I realised exactly how much junk I am carrying around and how much of it is to do with the fact I am a self proclaimed ‘fitness chick’ (rolling my eyes at myself for using that phrase) So I thought I would give you the low down and you can either agree with me that it is all necessary or roll your eyes knowing this is exactly why females get back and shoulder problems and diseases from their handbag contents.

PS I also don’t have a proper gym bag as because I usually cycle I have my super cool ninja turtle bright blue rucksack. So today my clothes are in a Sweaty Betty bag for life. Although getting one might solve some of my hoarding issues.

Weapon of choice – a cavernous black Bayswater tote (it can carry like everything including my laptop, several pieces of Tupperware, spare shoes, 27 hair ties…

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Exercise Addiction vs Dedication…..Drawing the Fine Line

Are you dangerously addicted….or just dedicated?

A poignant question. And one I’m going to try and be open with.As much as I can. I’ve flitted either side of the line for years. I probably always will. When you’re on the more harmful side, you’ll try to kid yourself you’re on the other. And it’s not an easy decision to make. Exercise addiction isn’t on the DSM-V. Exercise is frequently prescribed as a coping mechanism for recovering from other mental disorders. Exercise is always good for you…right?

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a psychiatrist or psychologist nor any way trained in this field. This is a combination of my thoughts, discussions and general knowledge of the topic. Please, if something I cover resonates with you, talk to someone.

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