Review – Record Breaking Squat Jumps & BMF Fun in the Sun

It’s official! Katie and I are bona fide World Record holders!

Admittedly, breaking this record didn’t involve some life-threatening feat of daring, or anything really gross like not cutting our toenails for a couple of years, but it is still a real record, honest guv.

Last week British Military Fitness ran a special event to celebrate National Outdoor Fitness Day, where they attempted to beat the world record for the greatest number of people performing jump squats simultaneously at a single venue and These Girls were very kindly invited to join in! So, off we toddled to Wandsworth Common on a sunny Saturday morning, thinking this was as close as we’d ever get to being on that show Record Breakers with Kriss Akabusi. Anyone else remember that? I must be getting old.

On arrival we were signed up pretty swiftly, filled out a health and safety form (better to be safe than sorry), had our bags tagged and stored, and were each handed a numbered vest – all with quasi-military-precision. We were then (literally) marched into a line of 25, joining the rest of our wannabe record-breaker peers. All 375 of them!


375 squat jump challengers!

After a bit of a warm up it was time to get down to business. We were told that on the whistle we would start squat jumping and after 60 seconds a second whistle would sound and we could stop. “60 Seconds” we thought, “is that all? Piece of cake.” I lived to eat those words. A bit of cake wouldn’t have gone amiss either.

Given the pair of us were there together, neither of us was about to slack off. Our competitive natures were out in full swing and we cracked on like there was no tomorrow, only to find that after 45 seconds, cor blimey, were we feeling the burn! Then just as quickly as it started, it was over – and we’d done it! All 375 participants had completed a minutes’ continuous squat jumps, and were officially World Record Holders! Hooray!

Feel the burn!

Feel the burn!

To celebrate, like the suckers for punishment we are, we were then treated to a free taster session of BMF Fitness. If you haven’t come across BMF (have you been living under a rock?) they run outdoor fitness classes for guys and gals of all levels of fitness and ability at over 140 locations all over the country. Inspired by the fitness regimes established by the British Forces for their military personnel (OMG!), BMF aims to get people out into the great outdoors, doing thorough workouts in a supportive and firmly encouraging group setting – though rest assured, there’s none of your American style “drop and gimmie twen’y ya lowly maggot!” here, it’s all good, clean fun.

Harry, (who, we only later found out, is one of BMFs founders!) was our instructor. He put us through our paces – from easy warm ups like walking lunges, to slightly more tricky burpees, to crazy chain-linked sit-ups, to out-and-out sprint racing – there was a good bit of everything. We never felt pressured, but always felt reassuringly pushed to go just outside of our comfort zones – the bit where you feel the burn is the bit that does the most good after all!

The BMF instructors

The BMF instructors

Katie absolutely thrashed me at press-ups. I can’t do them at all well. Must try harder. But I like to think I just about pipped her at the sprint. She will probably have something to say about that.

Finally, to round off what was a cracking morning of fun, sweat and sunshine, BMF treated every participant to an awesome goodie bag full of delightful treats which, admittedly, I scoffed almost immediately. As if you needed another reason to attend a BMF event…

Delicious AND healthy treats!

Delicious AND healthy treats!

For anyone who’d like to factor in a well-rounded, outdoor workout with plenty of banter and a smidge of friendly competition, to their regular routine, we’d thoroughly recommend you give BMF a bash. Check out their website at There are pay monthly and pay as you go membership options to suit all budgets and diaries, but first sign up for a free taster class at a park near you – give it a whirl and let us know how you get on!

Our BMF instructor, Harry

Post-workout grinning with our BMF instructor, Harry

All images courtesy of BMF

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