These Girls Still Do – Yoga and physical activity in older women

As I mentioned previously in our Mothers’ Day special, my mum is a yoga instructor. She took up Hatha Yoga about 15 years ago when she became concerned about her joints and has been head over heels in love with it ever since. After my younger brother was born, she trained as a Yoga teacher as it was something she loved to do and was a flexible (no pun intended…) job that she could work around Dad’s working hours and the hectic timetable of having three, and subsequently four, young children to look after.

I’m incredibly proud of my mum, her business has gone from strength to strength and she offers a valuable service of easily accessible yoga classes to women and men of all ages and abilities throughout the local, rural community. But what impresses me most of all is her clients. The majority of the people who attend her yoga classes, though by no means all, are women of retirement age. I go to class whenever I have an opportunity and let me tell you I am a fit person but these ladies truly put me to shame in the flexibility and strength stakes.

I hear anecdotal evidence of improved energy levels, how yoga complements their other hobbies such as hiking and even gardening (puts a lot of pressure on one’s knees apparently), and there are even women who regularly go to class who have improved their mobility to the point at which they have delayed their waiting list time for joint replacement surgery! Just by committing to regular, gentle physical activity these ladies feel they have made a big difference to their lives.

This is Patsy, she is my mum’s oldest client, aged 87.



I know a lot of women over 60 years her junior who couldn’t do that…

These girls are still going strong and having a great time whilst improving their strength, mobility and sense of wellbeing (believe me it’s a hoot, I’ve heard some NSFW jokes in class that I shan’t repeat…), and yet younger generations are turning their noses up at physical activity, don’t they realise what they’re missing?

There seems to be a real voice for active older gents on Social Media, which is fab – just look at the march of the MAMILS (middle-aged men in lycra), but where are all our older sisters being represented? Let’s get active ladies of all ages to shout it from the rooftops! Give them a voice and allow them to serve as inspiration to those young whippersnappers who don’t realise the benefits of exercise!

We’d love to hear from all those girls who still do and the reasons why they still do it in our comments section, on Twitter or on Facebook – over to you, ladies!

One thought on “These Girls Still Do – Yoga and physical activity in older women

  1. This is fantastic! All power to them and Patsy looks amazing. I plan to be just like her when I’m older. It’s never too late to start exercising. The health benefits never reduce and can make a big difference at any age.

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