I’m stuck in a rut…

4 thoughts on “I’m stuck in a rut…

  1. First off: aww, thanks! Glad to have provided some kind of inspiration. I appreciate it enough to forgive the stalky behaviour.

    Let’s not pretend that training for that wasn’t an absolute grind, though. A lot of times during the process I felt stuck, wasn’t sure if I was making progress, wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing. The section included from a few months ago regarding whether or not I’d do another Ironman is proof of this!

    Right now I’m very much looking forward to changing my life/schedule up. Just enoug biking and running to keep it ticking over, much shorter technique-focused swimming, and some actual gym work for the first time since I was at school. I can guarantee that after a few months of this I will be sick of it and ready to start Ironmanning again.

    Point is: if you feel in a rut from what you’re currently doing, change it up. No point doing it if your not motivated as you won’t gain much from it. Winter rugby into winter/spring marathon training doesn’t sound like a terrible plan. Maybe mix it up with some friendly non-commital results ambivalent London League events (hint hint). Or sod it, just do nothing at all and chill for a bit. Either way get away from whatever it is that’s currently causing stress, and the change in impetus might help refocus and go back to it with a sharper mindset. Or something. I’ll take my life coach hat off now.

    (Oh, and I realised today you work for two circles! That means I’ll be dealing with some of your colleagues from time to time, crazy.)


  2. It’s clear that you’re a goal orientated person and you need a new challenge to motivate you. Is this the same in all aspects of your life or just your sport/fitness?
    As a coach, my advice would be first force yourself back in to a rhythm. Surround yourself with people who motivate you and who are already motivated. You mention a few people in your blog which means you are already thinking along these lines. Can you have one of these people poke/prod/phone/msg you on a daily basis to harass you in to action?

    Next up, find a very short term goal to get you out of the rut. You could simply set yourself a certain amount of workouts in a 2 weeks period and force yourself in to attending but I think you are still the kind of person that needs to see some kind of reward at the end of it; perhaps then you could find a local event that’s coming up very soon and just do it. Nothing major, perhaps a Brutal Run or Charity Fire Engine Pull…..something different, soon, tough and rewarding.

    You mention playing team sports and that is certainly a great idea over the winter period when the needs of the team will motivate you to get out when it’s cold, wet and dark.

    I think you’ve answered your own question in your post….all the ingredients are in the post, go back through it and see what stands out most for you.

    Very good luck!!


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