Variety is the spice of life – so try something different with somuchmore

I, like many 20-somethings apparently according to MULTIPLE Elite Daily articles, am a bit flakey, easily distracted and always looking for that bit more, therefore finding it hard to commit to what I’m doing tomorrow, let alone agreeing to something for months on end.

This is especially true when it comes to classes. Races and team sport, I’ve got down to a fine art. I know what I’m doing, when, where and for how long, and it’s highly structured because I get a bit type A with my training plans. Classes, meh, I dip in and out depending on how I’m feeling. With a class, I won’t let the team down, it won’t impact my training…(answer – because yoga and cross-training are good for me and actually will benefit my training, but let’s move swiftly on) There are SO many classes I could go to at the gym, but I rarely do – preferring to use it for weights and swimming – so if I’m not going to use what I’m already paying for there, why would I pay for single studio access on top of that?!

Enter somuchmore. They’re the new kid on the London multi-studio block, bringing tonnes of sought after classes to you in one single membership, meaning that you need as much commitment to individual studios as you do to the colour of your nail varnish or which pair of leggings you’re going to wear today…#win.

For some reason, I assume that these sorts of things are just going to give you rubbish classes that you wouldn’t really want to go to anyway, but somuchmore are throwing that idea out entirely – there were plenty of new and exclusive studios on offer, including those which I’ve previously discounted due to the price.

Somuchmore provided us with a 14 day trial and a month free membership – but as always, all opinions are our own, so here are a couple of brief reviews of what I got up to…

Paola’s Body Barre, Fulham

Owwwwwww. This hurt in a really good way. This taught me just how bad my runner’s legs are, how much I need to work on my glute strength and why I never really got into ballet when I was younger. Seriously, I’ve wanted to go here for a while and I’m so glad I got round to it.

I did the “Burn” class with Paola herself, and I would say it was a pretty accurate reflection of how I felt…I mean I was pretty useless. I vastly under-estimated how much this would test me – it was one of these ‘look around and have no idea how people are doing these contortions’. It’s a small room and there are mirrors all around – meaning it really gives you that motivation to keep going. There was a good mix of cardio and endurance – and it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done any form of dance or barre before; the moves are easy to pick up and Paola is quick to adjust moves up or down as required.

There is no break. It is tough. It makes playing a full game of touch even tougher…If I did this on the reg I am sure i would see insaaaaaane results and that’s why it’s been getting the coverage it has. A must-do. 

Union Station Yoga, Clapham

I had a moment recently where I just COULD NOT SLEEP. I couldn’t get to sleep, and I woke up at 5am with a million and one things on my mind and no ability to clear it out. And I was glad I had a class booked it. I had planned to run over to Lavender Hill for the 7am class, but my inability to get back to sleep meant I managed to get in a solid 9 miles before hitting the mat.

Glute work again was painful, but this is due to my sheer inadequacies in this area rather than anything else. Really friendly studio, had a lovely chat with the receptionist AND, my favourite part that I feel I need to mention, spare hairties, grips and tampons in the toilet. Reception and the teachers were also incredibly friendly and welcoming, and really put effort into making sure everyone in the class was feeling comfortable and confident.

Core Collective, High St Ken

I’d had a taster of Velocity at a previous health blogger event and KNEW instantly that I wanted to go back – so this was one of the pleasant surprises of somuchmore.  Core Collective is a relatively new gym set in Philimore Gardens, just off High St Ken.


They’ve got a few core classes – Accelerate (Spin), Resistance (TRX), Power Yoga and Velocity. Velocity was right up my street…Advertised as high intensity interval training, it was a crazy combination of burpees, boxing, pull ups, prowler dragging, rowing, tyre carrying…..basically my bread and butter. If you are a fan of circuits, tabata training and getting your sweat on, this is the perfect class for you. There is a fabulous frame set-up there which turns itself to anything.

I didn’t have time to stay around as had to head straight to the office, but it’s got a cracking set of changing rooms – fully equipped with lovely fluffy towels, GHD everything and snazzy coded lockers (I HATE having to carry round padlocks and spare £1 coins…) and it’s also got a lovely looking café space upstairs – wholovesyou, with gorgeous wooden tables and a variety of healthy post-workout options.


Overall, I loved the concept of somuchmore and it’s a great idea. I got overly excited about which classes I could do and what new things I could try. Actually to the point where I was overwhelmed with options! The website is super easy to use, you can either view by studio, by map, or simply look at a day and time and see what’s on offer!  Right now however, I literally just do.not.have.the.time. Point in case – I’d have loved to have got down to Ride Republic, Aerialand, Voga,Edge Cycle, and even back to Cyclebeat – and I’ve just seen that they’ve added Hot Bikram Yoga (you can see my review here) but I didn’t manage it.

Racing is probably always going to take priority at the minute, and although I’d love to keep this going, I was having to shove more things in my diary (e.g. run 9 miles then go to a yoga class or cycle to Fulham and then immediately cycle back to Clapham for touch) and with my first Olympic distance tri coming up, a couple of autumn duathlons and a promise to smash a 5k and 10k PB before Christmas….I’m going to end up totally burnt out with no friends. I think it’s probably going to just stick being City Strongman for me…

However…not everyone is me. I know a bunch of you who would relish this idea – if you fancy giving some of these a go – just visit and take a look at what is available. Price wise, it’s pretty good value for money – if you think that a single class at Core Collective is £28….and you pay £89 a month for somuchmore, you can easily make that up. Fairly similar to your typical London gym prices (which come on, a lot of us fork out for!) The limit is 3 classes per provider per month, but you’d easily be able to get some variety going – whether it’s yoga, barre, relaxation, martial arts…there is something for everyone.

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