6 Things Sporty Girls are Tired of Hearing

1. “You’re playing sport AGAIN tonight?”

Yup. Bloody love it. I would genuinely rather go and run around outside with a bunch of awesome people after work than most other things.

Source: Tag Rugby 7s

2. “Aren’t you worried about bulking up?”

Er, we’ve been through this guys. Girls’ bodies don’t react the same way to strength and resistance training as guys’. Having said that, sure, I’m fairly muscle-bound and therefore a tad on the heavy side, but my body fat % and wait:hip ratio are pretty damn good. Take that potential heart disease and type 2 diabetes. #BOOM

Source: City Strongman

Source: City Strongman

3. “Do guys ever get to see your feminine side?

I literally don’t know what to say. I would much prefer to be mates / go on dates with guys who have an appreciation of my strength/agility/skill/unbelievable tekkers than those who thought my a*se looked good in a bodycon dress in Vodka Revs…

Pretty... muddy.

Pretty… muddy.

4. “You’re eating chocolate? Aren’t you a bit of a heath nut though?”

Um, no. One of the perks of playing a fair bit of sport is that you can eat naughty things with a smidge less guilt. I also drink beer. In pints. Crazy.

Mmm... beer

Mmm… beer

5. “Oh, I wish I was able to run / swim / play, but I am terrible at exercise…”

…No you’re not, you just never do it. Practice makes perfect and we all have to start somewhere. We don’t all have the natural aptitudes of the Jessica Ennis-Hills of this world, some of us go from ‘rubbish’ to ‘average’ to ‘slightly above averge’ through years of practice, and that is something to be celebrated.

Lazy ≠ Inability.

Rant over

Why not give it a bash? You might surprise yourself!

Why not give it a bash? You might surprise yourself!

6. “You’re injured AGAIN?”

I guess so. Happens more on the pitch than it does at the pub. Mostly.

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