Last minute marathon prep

Mentally? I don’t know where I am. I picked up 3.30, 3.35 and 3.45 pace bands and genuinely don’t know how it’s going to go. I’m not sure I’ve got the miles in the legs for the 3.30. I mean two years ago, March mileage, 182…this year…74. LOL. But that did finish off with a stress fracture whereas this year there have been about 4 or 5 full weeks off in my training cycle. After the Achilles faff I’m just shooting for a GFA which unless it flares up and/or I have a massive mental breakdown (entirely possible) should be achievable. 8.34s doesn’t sound that bad. But I know inside my mind I don’t want to ‘just’ GFA. 3.30 is going to be my nemesis and I’m going to keen having to take a bash at this marathon business until I get it (so the sooner the better really!)

I’ve had a couple of decent shorter races recently where I’ve really surprised myself with my grit but it’s a completely different ball game. I’m ambivalent about the weather – I’ve done a couple of my long runs in fairly grim weather (and hungover but that’s another matter) What I am worried about however is the hanging around beforehand in the rain. Bleurgh. Binbags it is. But apparently now it might not rain so WHO KNOWS?!

So here is what I got up to to take my mind off things!

Up at 7.30ish because my parents WERE BEING REALLY LOUD AS THEY GOT READY FOR THEIR BIKE RIDE. I then watched Bear Grylls: The Island and wondered how long I would survive….(I also would totally eat the pigs), cereal and then went and played with these gorgeous boys.

(Almost got stood on twice, also decided I probably shouldn’t actually ride as something was BOUND to go wrong.) Currently not thinking about tomorrow. Next stop – Snow & Rock to unsuccessfully look at ski boots, and then Dunelm where I nearly bought loads for my new flat that I haven’t even found yet.

Went for a little run. Spent the entire time thinking about mile splits and how tight my shoulders were and how maybe my Achilles was twinging and how maybe this and maybe that. And then gave myself a ‘get a grip’ chat. I’ve got this. Tried not to fall down any rabbit holes on the footpaths.

Came home, did foam rolling and lots of physio exercises. Then ate a jacket potato with beans and cheese and a piece of chocolate chip shortbread (I may have actually eaten the shortbread whilst waiting for the potato #livingontheedge. Then watched some rugby and some triathlon (awesome work by Vicky Holland!) more foam rolling etc, more doing nothing, annoying my family, drinking enough water to sink a ship. Did clean the bathroom though which is + 10 daughter points to me!

Here is my vital list of things not to forget…

I packed my suitcase. Yes, I am flying to Germany for work tomorrow at 7.15pm. YAY. How well I will deliver a workshop on Monday morning is debatable.

Charged Garmy, made my playlist (hint, it involves Heather Small, the Fester Skank, a fair amount of One Direction and ‘maniac’ from Flashdance. Oh and quite a bit of Pitbull. If you see anyone singing along it will be me)

Checked the train times 5 zillion times, ate pasta with crème fraîche and smoked salmon for dinner. Maybe had a bit of chocolate and some ice cream…now going to chill out, watch some crap tv, cross my fingers for the rain to stop and be ready for my 7.08 train tomorrow morning. I have also worked out where all my FABULOUS supporters are going to be.

Catch you on the flipside……

LET’S DO THIS! Best of luck to you all 🙂

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