10 things to do now the days are longer

So, the clocks are back and I’m finding it easier and easier to get out of bed to go running in the morning……

But the motivation to spring out of bed and pound the pavements isn’t always everyone’s idea of fun, so we have put together a list that provides you with a multitude of activities, some of which involve being active and some which involve a very very loose link to being active….

(Realised a lot of these also rely on it actually being warm, which in the UK is very questionable)

1. Wear fewer clothes. Go running in a sports bra (!) GET SOME VITAMIN D. Buy some snazzy new sunglasses to hide your running face of pain. All these are now totally acceptable given its not 2 degrees and drizzly.

2. Spend entire days in the park eating hummus, drinking Pimms (the fruit makes it healthy) and throwing a frisbee around until it eventually gets confiscated after you hit the same person 27 times (or it gets stolen by a dog or small child). Works equally well with a rugby ball and bonus points if you keep accidentally-on-purpose throwing it at the same group of people to get their attention (ahem)


3. Find an outdoor pool! There are countless lidos in London, or you can venture to some of the many lakes to practice being kicked in the face for a triathlon. You can even just sunbathe next to them….

4. Eat outside. Have BBQs and find some men to plan the menu for all your weekly (monthly at a stretch) protein needs. Accessorise with salads as necessary (said men will always doubt the necessity) and bask in your ability not to give yourselves salmonella. Make sure they don’t fall asleep though THANKS DAD.

iPhone 1031

5. Find an outdoor class or bootcamp or take up an evening sport! We’re both big fans of In2Touch and it’s a great way to spend an evening. Get a few friends together and join a league or just enter as an individual. Gives you a reason to get out of the office on time as well. Did you know you can do silent zumba? (Although it does make people look a little crazy)


6. Commute to work outdoors. Our new suggestions include taking the boat, paddle boarding or canoeing (I joke, but my grandfather did actually once canoe from Weybridge to Imperial Wharf…in a bowler hat. In a suit. In a canoe he built himself ) In all seriousness, you will feel a lot more comfortable cycling when it’s daylight, especially if you get to handle bundles of joy such as Parliament Square and the Elephant and Castle roundabout.

7. Finish all evening runs in a pub beer garden because it’s not really a night out if it’s not dark. I particularly like The Ship for a glass of rosé and a pulled pork bap because refuelling.


8. Go running with a reduced fear of getting lost in the dark/being unsafe. Obviously, don’t take risks and still pay close attention to your surroundings, but it’s more reassuring when you can see where you are going and who is around you.

9. Make ice lollies as a form of rehydration. Making squash and then freezing it is so 1999 but so worth it when you come back from a run in the heat. Or, just buy Fabs and revel in the fact you are covering several food groups in one go by having different layers of ice cream.

10. Try your hardest to develop some cyclist tan lines. Two tone has never been so attractive……

Anything else you’re looking forward to about the longer days and summer months? Am I being too optimistic?

I feel like the below sums up a fairly perfect summer afternoon/evening from last year….

iPhone 985

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