Moving back in with your parents…

So, I’ve just moved back in with my parents for a currently unknown period of time – and it’s something I am TOTALLY fine with!  I get on pretty well with my family and we do a lot together, so I decided to put together a list of the pros and cons, particularly from a training, activity and nutrition point of view. 

So here goes! (PS mum I promise I will do my washing and unstack the dishwasher and not leave trainers in every room of the house…)

-1 no more cycling to work. Can’t really do this any more. No unfolded bikes on London Midland and there is NO WAY I am leaving my bike at Euston overnight (plus that would be a grim cycle right through central London). Therefore less automatic bike fitness, more frustration for me of having to take the tube (because it’s too hot and people WALK TOO FLIPPING SLOWLY) and also $$$$$

+1 much nicer cycling at the weekends without having to battle round the Wandsworth gyratory to get anywhere. Plus a new chain gang (well the old ones are back)

+1 onsite bike mechanic. Thanks Dad. Now when things break I don’t have to guess or try and fix it by Facetime.

+1 I can wash my bike with a hose on a bike stand in the garden rather than attempting to do it with a jug and a sponge on the balcony…

+1 mountain biking! 8 bikes in the shed, 1 is my road bike. The others are not. Take a guess at my family’s interests…..mountain biking takes more skill and mental effort than being out on a road, and the thrill is TOTALLY different. Plus mum. Obviously great company.

 -1 no running club. This means another -1 no track sessions. I’m still a member as I’ll be back soon but it’s just a lot of hassle to trek back down to South London to have to go back up again. I could go back to my old club for a bit but logistically it’s a nightmare because I’m rarely able to get back out of London in time.

+1 more running buddies at short notice (i.e they live in my house) 

+1 nicer running. The views, the hills, I can be on footpaths and in fields within 5 minutes, I’m not restricted to roads which have traffic lights every 5 minutes et cetera et cetera. 

+/- 1 (can’t decide) the hills

+/- 1 safety of running. On the plus side, it’s far safer than London, on the minus, there won’t be as many people and I really love running at 5.30am with a head torch….(but hoping this won’t be a problem as I will be out by winter!)

-1 transport. In London, as long as I had my card, I could easily get public transport back if I got injured. Here, I have to ring my mum which means I always have to take my phone (yup I admit I am not a safe person who always has it with me)

+1 I can get someone to come and pick me up when I get a puncture that I can’t fix….

+1 this handsome chap

-1 the commute. I mean it’s not too bad but it’s draining, especially with long hours at work. And it’s $$$$. And it means I have to get up earlier to go to spin classes.

-1 the gym. I now don’t have a gym a 5 minute cycle from my flat, it’s like a 30 min cycle or 15 in the car. But there is still one by the office.

+1 good for me if I actually do ever cycle there…

-1 fewer social events. Obviously.

+1 less drinking due to fewer social events. 

+/-1 more red wine with my dad and sister.

-1 if I do go out, it won’t be a case of ‘well an Uber home is only £15 max’ because it actually would be like millions of pounds.

-1 l don’t always know what will be in the fridge so harder to meal plan

+1 my family eat pretty healthy so what is in the fridge is generally pretty good! But someone might eat the last avocado….and then we will all argue about who had the rights to the avocado (usually won by the person who purchased it) Apart from Friday nights like this.

+1 BTSport, Eurosport and ESPN. ALL THE SPORTS! Thanks Dad.

 -1 less time to play and train for touch and 7s at the weekend – a lot more effort to get to Clapham Common….

+1 might play some more touch with my dad’s team

-1 a lot more effort to get back from touch mid week (no more 10 minute bike ride)

+1 I can spend the entire weekend outside (including sunbathing in the garden)

+1 driving to races = far far superior than taking public transport or cycling.

+1 I sleep a lot better because it’s quieter and darker

+1 jokes with my sister  (e.g going walking)

 +1 saving money. But apparently, “I’m going to buy a new bike” isn’t the right thing to say to your mother.

+1 INBUILT FITNESS FRIENDS! A typical Saturday will involve Parkrun (Tring, obviously, with hills) with my parents and then a trip up to the woods for either more running and food, or just food. I can usually persuade someone to come out on a ride, run or whatever with my which is fab. Or, like below, people to watch things with and play Tour de France drinking games (Also LOL at my Tinder invasion screenshot. Hi Jason.)


Did I miss anything? Anyone else struggled with the transition to move back? I’m worried I might now not ever leave…..

11 thoughts on “Moving back in with your parents…

  1. I’ve done this, and as far as I’m concerned, you forgot +1 “not being the person whose job is to ensure we have loo roll in the house”. God bless mums. Well, my Mum anyway. Taking care of most life admin for children who live at home since 1986.

    Bit of a shock to the system when I moved out and suddenly the kitchen and bathroom didn’t magically clean themselves any longer…

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