So, what are you going to do with that degree then?

“You will never find a husband if you pick that subject”
“It’s not a real degree”
“So I guess you’ll be a PE teacher or work in a leisure centre”
Welcome to the types of comments you have to put up with on a regular basis if you choose a sports degree….
A bit rich considering the sheer amount of intelligence and precision that goes into commercial, professional and grassroots sport, politics and business.
So why are some people still so quick to write it off as soft?
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Confessions of a Lazy, Sporty Girl

I never used to consider myself to be particularly sporty. I’d always participated in games lessons at school and in various teams – hell, at the age of ten, I captained my primary school cricket team in a local competition, having never played until two weeks previously, but that’s a different story. It wasn’t until I went to university, met a lot of people who did little to no team-based activity, and I took up Rugby Union, that I was labelled ‘Sporty’.

It’s not a label I’ve ever fully embraced or, frankly, understood. Sure, I exercise, I play sport, I get antsy if I’ve been sat down or stuck indoors for too long, but  never crave a spot of pavement-pounding. Between you and me, exercise for its own sake is something I dread and (horror of horrors) find boring.

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