10 complaints I have about sun in the UK

If you are in London, you will have noticed that everyone is going cray cray over the weather. Because we can’t handle sun in the UK. I’ve had a think about why it’s great, but also the problems I am currently encountering….(i.e. MANY)

1. Racer back tan lines. Or cyclist tan lines. I seem to get the majority of my tan when I am doing outdoor activities. This means it is a combination of racer back, sports bras and cyclist jerseys. Meaning I can NEVER wear strapless dresses without having to fill in the gaps with some stripy fake tan. Cycling glove lines are a firm favourite!

2. The tube is too hot. Yesterday I did ONE STOP from Southfields to East Putney and I literally could feel myself melting. Sorry if it’s TMI, but I felt like I was leaving the gym. Whilst squashed with 25 other people also leaving the gym. After wearing a ski outfit. I am glad I cycle to work because it’s then acceptable to be sweaty…

3. I am having to wash my sports stuff more often. Keeps getting too sweaty for me to acceptably be super gross and rewear it…

4. That sweaty suncream feeling. I’m not sure if I love or hate this. Also, sweat + suncream + eyes = !!! All about the P20 to save the day.

5. The constant debate of run/pub/pub/run/bike/run/rugby/pub? Solution = run/cycle/rugby and finish at pub.  However, this often means I am incredibly sweaty and some poor person has to sit next to me.

6. My hair is horrendous. Let’s just not talk about it. Here is an aerial bird’s eye (nest?!) view. Humidity + sweat + pineapple head = my mother even emailed me an article about frizzy hair. 023 7. Sleeping. I think I need to invest in a fan….(I say this every year, never buy one)

8. Water drinking has increased massively. And I drink a lot anyway. This means I am CONSTANTLY getting up from my desk to the point where I think people think I have a problem.

9. Wimbledon is on and I want to watch tennis in the sunshine instead of doing work. Linked to this, the inability for wireless signals to stretch to gardens and how hard it is to look at a laptop screen when the sun is glaring.

10. The dilemma of the amount of clothes that are acceptable to run in without subjecting you to shouts from builders and men in white vans (massive generalisation but they are often the culprits). Yes I KNOW my shorts are short but it’s too hot to wear anything else, get your eyes back on whatever you are supposed to be doing. Also, because it’s so nice out, there are more people around to NOT MOVE OUT OF THE WAY WHEN YOU ARE RUNNING.

Oops. Realised that a vast proportion of these are about being sweaty. Welcome to real life people….’glowing’ is over-rated. How is everyone enjoying the sunshine?

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