Confessions of an active handbag

I’m not currently cycling in because of my Achilles tendon being a bit of a PITA and I’ve got my eyes on the prize of a) skiing on Saturday and b) the marathon being 7 weeks away and I would still like to at least attempt it.

So I’m doing a lot of gym sessions and this morning I realised exactly how much junk I am carrying around and how much of it is to do with the fact I am a self proclaimed ‘fitness chick’ (rolling my eyes at myself for using that phrase) So I thought I would give you the low down and you can either agree with me that it is all necessary or roll your eyes knowing this is exactly why females get back and shoulder problems and diseases from their handbag contents.

PS I also don’t have a proper gym bag as because I usually cycle I have my super cool ninja turtle bright blue rucksack. So today my clothes are in a Sweaty Betty bag for life. Although getting one might solve some of my hoarding issues.

Weapon of choice – a cavernous black Bayswater tote (it can carry like everything including my laptop, several pieces of Tupperware, spare shoes, 27 hair ties…

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