10 Reasons More Women Should Take Up Hiking

We’ve been talking about rugby a lot recently. Now for something completely different.

Hiking is great, I love it. You have an excuse to head out on an adventure in the great outdoors, with the wind in your hair and the mud squelching satisfyingly underfoot. Sometimes I consider plastering myself in blue face paint, wielding a big old stick and hurtling naked down a mountain side screeching “I AM QUEEN BOUDICA!”, but then I think it might just be easier to call one of my outdoorsy mates and suggest we take a jaunt up a big hill.

A few weeks ago Harry (school friend, mildly eccentric, mentioned her before) went on a delightful hike around the Caerneddau in Snowdonia. Despite terrible visibility, this was more than made up for by a bit of scrambling, getting slightly lost at the top and taking a wrong turn and having to slide down a steep face – all good clean fun! As a bonus, we also stayed at one of the best hostels either of us has ever been to – thoroughly recommend checking out Plas Curig Hostel if you are ever in that neck of the woods.

Along the way we bumped into a few fellow hikers and exchanged pleasantries and tips, but were struck that we didn’t meet a single other female. Why on earth could that be? Whilst pondering this question, we came up with a list of some of the reasons we think more women should take up hiking – here you go chums!

  1. Bangin’ booty: All that dragging yourself up a big hill makes for a great workout for the glutes – work it sister.
  2. Time to think: Whether you’re walking alone or with others, there’s always time for a spot of quiet contemplation. There’s something deafeningly glorious about the silence of a mountain top. It’s also totally acceptable to talk to yourself up there.
  3. Release your inner Girl Guide: The nostalgia alone that comes from sitting on a grassy knoll to read a map (badly) whilst chowing down on a spot of Kendal mint cake is enough to keep me coming back for more. I may not be a Girl Guide anymore, but I’ll be a Woman Guide if I flippin’ well please.
  4. Conquering the World: Getting to the top of a particularly high/steep mountain makes you feel like the King – the King I tell you! LOOK UPON MY WORKS, YE MIGHTY, AND DESPAIR. Ahem.
  5. Brain training: Having to actually navigate your own way whilst hiking means that it is a great workout for both mind and body – who needs Sudoku?
  6. Bicep building: As well as having a fabulous bot-bot and a pair of thighs you could crack walnuts with, scrambling (something in the middle of the scale between hillwalking and rock-climbing) is great for increasing upper body strength. Also, it’s a lot of fun.
  7. Making mountain mates: Everyone you meet along the way is super-friendly and will say hello, probably pass some comment about the visibility (or lack thereof) and be on their merry way, happy in the knowledge that they are a modern-day cap doffer. Good for them.
  8. Soaking up the views: The are a lot of beautiful vistas to be seen off the beaten track folks, get out there and find them. It’s good for the soul.
  9. General fitness: Hiking is a really accessible form of exercise – it’s easier on the joints than running, and can be tailored suit a whole range of fitness abilities and goals. Want a bigger challenge? Climb a higher mountain. Check out this great blog on hiking for fitness for loads of useful info.
  10. It’s free!

One thought on “10 Reasons More Women Should Take Up Hiking

  1. Yes to hiking!
    When I first started Alpine Climbing (which, depending on the type of route, area etc can be just high altitude hiking) around 5 years ago, I was staying in a high altitude hut and there was around 50 men and 3 women (including me!). I had no idea why other women were not taking part.
    The same applies to hiking, we are just as able and it’s brilliant fun and a great way to spend a day or a weekend..I’m definitely going to schedule in a few hiking weekends next year 🙂


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