10 everyday things that are a total struggle for #fitnesschicks

Right, so Kate covered some Sporty Girl problems a few weeks ago…but I feel there are a few more that we have missed that are genuinely a struggle in day to day life. Note – I wrote this post whilst doing exactly what is mentioned in my first point….

  • Walking up escalators, particularly on the tube. Basically, you think that because you are super-fit that you can just float up the escalators. NEVER TRUE! You will get halfway up, realise you ran 15 miles the day before but have to keep going because you cannot be that person who is so unfit they had to stop halfway up the escalator to move to the right because PEOPLE WILL JUDGE. I feel like I need a sign above my head or something saying “I’m not lazy, my legs are just really tired because I bossed it yesterday”

  • Getting a pedicure. My feet are gross. Like totally gross. They really need a pedicure but they are so gross that I cannot possibly go for a pedicure because the lady will probably refuse to touch them. So they get more gross. Never-ending downward spiral which ultimately will end up in my toes falling off or something. Ewww.
  • Getting your nails done. Play netball? Nope no chance of long nails. Any other ball game? 5:1 chance a ball will hit your finger about once per week. Horse riding? Totes impractical for fiddling with bridle buckles and plaiting (and it makes holes in your gloves) You’ll also be a pro at chipping off any varnish because you are constantly using your hands, plus I guarantee if you do anything outdoorsy there will always be mud under them.
A very rare 'nice nails' photo. Plus froyo OBV

A very rare ‘nice nails’ photo. Plus froyo OBV

  • Going on a night out. Ever tried slut dropping the day after leg day? Trying to do anything other than a weird shuffley dance because you have a stress fracture? IT DOESN’T WORK. Or you may take the other option, because you are wearing flats (because your calves are tired enough thank you very much) of dancing round without a care in the world and engaging in Irish dance-offs with random men in fancy dress (this could be just me)
  • Pulling up your jeans. As Kate attested to, getting skinny jeans to fit is a nightmare. Mine are always super tight round my legs but big at the waist, meaning I’m always having to pull them up but they never move. Which is why a lot of my jeans have broken belt loops from over-enthusiastic attempts to keep them up.
  • Eating unhealthy food. Everyone assumes that because you are super fit and healthy that you never do anything wrong. For example, “Katie why are you eating a tuna melt, that’s not like you to be unhealthy…” “because i am hungover so please leave me alone to wallow with my melted cheese and I promise I will be back to chicken and quinoa tomorrow”

I always pay an extra 70p for guac…silly question

  • Wearing normal clothes. Lycra is so comfy. I’m debating a career change just so I can live in my running stuff all day. Also means you get a weird “it’s so strange to see you with clothes on” response from those who typically see you in sports stuff….NOT NAKED!
  • Carrying all your shit around. Like if I have gym stuff, work clothes, 5 meals a day…..snacks….more snacks….27 hairties….it’s quite a lot to fit in a handbag, plus that gives you one bad shoulder, but my backpack isn’t cool. I love a good backpack but it doesn’t really quite suit the corporate persona that I am supposed to allude (well I mean, I could purchase one that isn’t neon blue and yellow but where’s the fun in that?)
This is my ACTUAL rucksack - image from www.finishline.com

This is my ACTUAL rucksack – image from http://www.finishline.com

  • Sorting your washing. I have resorted to the simple divide of ‘sports stuff’ and ‘white stuff maybe grey maybe light blue’, which seems to cover the majority. That is why my socks often are not always quite as white as they used to be. But there is just too much of it to do anything else about. Like SO.MUCH. WASHING every day. So you end up buying more gym stuff but you never get rid of the old stuff despite the fact you never wear it.
  • Having to always explain the reason you have bruises/are limping/are taped up to the max/are doing strange physio exercises whilst filling up your 2l water bottle in the office is all down for your uninhibited LOVE of being active. And it’s not something that is ever going to change.


3 thoughts on “10 everyday things that are a total struggle for #fitnesschicks

  1. Currently wearing a pair of relatively new trousers that require a belt loop reattach, goddam those thighs.
    Also sporting a selection of oddly placed bruises, went wakeboarding at the weekend and some woman in the changing room asked ‘how did you get all those’, I gave her the response of ‘I don’t know’ (and I honestly don’t, they just happen when your hobbies mostly involve running about a field or being upside down in the air..).. Not sure she truly believed me as the guy I was with got some odd looks as we left!

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